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Agility Grid SystemAgility Grid SystemAgility Grid SystemAgility Grid SystemAgility Grid System
  • Agility Grid System
  • Agility Grid System
  • Agility Grid System
  • Agility Grid System
  • Agility Grid System
Agility Grid System
Artikelnummer 5903140112525
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AGILITY GRID SYSTEM is a rigid ladder made of lightweight ABS plastic, consisting of hexagons, which can be mounted together in various variants using connectors.

Thanks to this solution, the ladder always maintains its shape with equal distances between the rungs, which allows you to maintain the rhythm of the step and coordination in footwork exercises. In addition, configuration changes allow you to create new layouts in any configuration. It is possible to combine many sets with each other and thus obtain large training surfaces to increase the intensity of training.

The set includes 6 hexagonal rings and 5 connectors.

Product use:

"Training with the use of this type of equipment always positively improves agility, speed, proper acceleration and control over the body. Developing the abilities mentioned above is the absolute basic, guaranteeing good preparation for a more complicated type of exercise. The multifunctional equipment which is a coordination ladder will be perfect for both for advanced people as well as those who are just beginning their work on improving the condition.

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