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Agility Ladder
  • Agility Ladder
Agility Ladder
Artikelnummer 5903140112518
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The basis is performance.

Agility ladder PROUD is an extremely simple but functional product. It is made of light PVC crossbars, which are connected by a flexible and durable material. The main advantage are non-slip elements that facilitate work on any type of surface.

It is possible to regulate rungs, which gives a chance for training for everyone - from people at the beginning of their path with physical activity to professionals. In addition, the set comes with pins enabling the ladder to be attached to the ground.

The ladder is used by both teams and in individual training.

The set consists of 13 rungs, 47 cm long and 4 cm wide, and 4 fixing pins.
Exercise equipment that takes up small space - you don't need a lot of space to effectively train your endurance and speed.

Durable material - which has been selected for maximum resistance to damage. Thanks to this, you can be sure that it will serve for training for many years.

Good equipment for beginners and advanced people - training using the coordination ladder can be started by anyone, and the exercises can be adjusted to your fitness level.

The ability to adjust rungs - a lot easier for each exerciser allowing you to adjust the configuration to your needs.

The cover included in the set - allows you to move the ladder to any place. This definitely increases the comfort of using the equipment.
High level development.

The use of a agility ladder is a very popular activity appreciated by trainers, especially in team and athletic training and as a supplement to all forms of physical activity.

It is a simple product, but also effective and easy to transport, so you can use it almost anywhere. 
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