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Bumper Training Plate Color
  • Bumper Training Plate Color
Bumper Training Plate Color
5 Produktvarianter
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    Bumper Training Plate Color 5kg

    Art. nr. 5903140116776-5
    400 kr
    320 kr exkl. moms

    Bumper Training Plate Color 25kg

    Art. nr. 5903140116776-25
    1 550 kr
    1 240 kr exkl. moms

    Bumper Training Plate Color 20kg

    Art. nr. 5903140116776-20
    1 390 kr
    1 112 kr exkl. moms

    Bumper Training Plate Color 15kg

    Art. nr. 5903140116776-15
    1 150 kr
    920 kr exkl. moms

    Bumper Training Plate Color 10kg

    Art. nr. 5903140116776-10
    850 kr
    680 kr exkl. moms
BUMPER TRAINING PLATE COLOUR PROUD was made of high quality rubber and steel. It has five color variants.

Each color corresponds to a different weight, which is to ensure comfort of work. Gray corresponds to 5 kg, green - 10 kg, yellow 15 kg, blue 20 kg and red 25 kg.

The rubber used in the production of load protects the plates against damage associated with dropping. For training plates, a thicker layer of rubber is used than for competition plates.

Each plate has the same diameter in the size of 50.44 mm, which allows it to be adapted to any Olympic neck.
Perfect training plate: The perfect composition of steel and rubber.

Throw at will: a durable bumper plate that allows you to drop during training.

Distinctive design: the unique style and colors definitely distinguish these plates from standard black models.
The training you need.

The load will be great during strength, bodybuilding, crossfit or functional training.

BUMPER TRAINING PLATE COLOUR PROUD has been designed for intensive and demanding training at a professional level.

If you are looking for solidly made bumper loads, you certainly won't feel disappointed with this product.

They are also ideal for commercial use due to the high quality of workmanship and materials used.

Technical data:

- material: steel + rubber
- hole diameter: 50.44 mm
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