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Steel Hammer
  • Steel Hammer
Steel Hammer
3 Produktvarianter

    Steel Hammer 10kg

    Art. nr. 5903140115670-10
    1 440 kr
    1 152 kr exkl. moms

    Steel Hammer 6kg

    Art. nr. 5903140115670-6
    960 kr
    768 kr exkl. moms

    Steel Hammer 8kg

    Art. nr. 5903140115670-8
    1 200 kr
    960 kr exkl. moms

Developments yellow j through hard work - hammer Proud training.

By using the Proud training hammer you gain:

- durable construction, which is made of the best quality steel. This allows for extremely intense training, without fear of damage to the device.

- one-piece cast , allows unique durability that makes the hammer almost completely indestructible.

- black powder coating, adds a unique deep color to the equipment, while protecting the steel material against corrosion.

- various weight variants, which start from 4 kg up to 10 kg.

- the possibility of multifunctional training, where everything depends on the needs and the technique used. Very popular in sports in the style of judo, MMA or boxing.
 The potential is strong.

STEEL HAMMER is an extremely durable and durable construction, made of one-piece cast.

Painted with powder paint that does not crumble or chip off, and also prevents corrosion.

In addition, the handrail is grooved, which affects the comfort and safety of holding the hammer in your hands.

The equipment is available in weights from 4 kg to even 10 kg. Each of them is distinguished by its overall length, handle length and the length of the face itself.
Train your way.

Hammer exercises are valued in the world of strength training. Swinging or hitting the tire are a great example of multifaceted training that man has been dealing with since the dawn of time. It is a pleasant and extremely shaping idea for training, which introduces into training the rotation of the torso needed in many team sports, but also in ordinary life.

The power is inside.

Working with a hammer allows body shaping and overall body training. It is also an opportunity to provide muscles with natural muscle stimulation. Proponents of simple but demanding exercises will definitely find themselves in this type of training. 
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