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Technique Bar 7,5kgTechnique Bar 7,5kg
  • Technique Bar 7,5kg
  • Technique Bar 7,5kg
Technique Bar 7,5kg
Artikelnummer 5903140116936
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Equipment for learning the technique: or for further work on it. Every professional trainer will confirm that without the right exercise technique you will not develop your full potential and, what is worse, it will be easier to get injured!

Very high quality materials: which were used to make the neck. This is a huge advantage, especially if you are looking for a solid and tested product in commercial conditions.
 OLYMPIC TECHNIQUE BAR PROUD is a specialized product made of high quality aluminum, characterized by eye-catching colors and a weight reduced to 7.5 kg. All barbell variants are covered with hardened chrome. You can choose from four colors: silver, red, pink and blue.

The neck weighs 7.5 kg with a length of 183 cm and a diameter of 28 mm. Its maximum load can reach 68 kg, which allows quite effective and developing technical training of the whole body.
Technique and execution as an indispensable base for further work.

Work on a technique, especially being a beginner, is extremely important and useful. Well-developed foundations help in achieving further successes and significantly reduce the risk of injury. It is also important to choose the equipment that is used during training. It's best to match it to your options.

Building a solid foundation is the most neglected and the most important element for further progress! So put the confidence and the highest quality of your equipment. 
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