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Urethane Weight Plates
  • Urethane Weight Plates
Urethane Weight Plates
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    Urethane Weight Plates 15kg

    Art. nr. 5903140119203-15
    1 415 kr
    1 132 kr exkl. moms

    Urethane Weight Plates 10kg

    Art. nr. 5903140119203-10
    945 kr
    756 kr exkl. moms

    Urethane Weight Plates 5kg

    Art. nr. 5903140119203-250
    475 kr
    380 kr exkl. moms

    Urethane Weight Plates 2,5kg

    Art. nr. 5903140119203-25
    240 kr
    192 kr exkl. moms

    Urethane Weight Plates 1,25kg

    Art. nr. 5903140119203-125
    125 kr
    100 kr exkl. moms

    Urethane Weight Plates 20kg

    Art. nr. 5903140119203-20
    1 875 kr
    1 500 kr exkl. moms

    Urethane Weight Plates 25kg

    Art. nr. 5903140119203-25
    2 340 kr
    1 872 kr exkl. moms
URETHANE WEIGHT PLATE PROUD are high quality plates designed for strength and functional training . They are characterized by the highest technology of implementation and wide functionality. Made of steel, they were additionally covered with a protective layer of polyurethane , which makes them extremely durable and safe, resistant to wear and abrasion . Polyurethane protects equipment and floor from damage. 

The loads have two properly profiled handles that allow them to be comfortably held in the palm of the hand during insertion and removal. In addition, thanks to the grips, the plates can be used as separate training elements instead of dumbbells or kettlebells. In the middle of the load there is a steel ring that facilitates quick adding or changing of plates to the banner.

Polyurethane discs fit every type of Olympic bar with a working diameter of 50mm and exercise machines located in commercial gyms and fitness clubs. Ideally suited to such exercises as squat with a barbell, bench press or bench press. 

Plates are not intended for throwing. For this purpose, we recommend a bumper Olympic load made of rubber, which protects it against damage associated with dropping.
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