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Seated Calf Plate Loaded
  • Seated Calf Plate Loaded
Spirit Fitness Commercial
Seated Calf Plate Loaded
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Spirit Commercial Fitness has developed a Free Weights SP-42 series that offer stylish, durable and high quality options for fitness owners when building their strength training section.

Building size and strength in the lower leg is easy with the Spirit Seated Calf Machine. The Spirit Seated Calf Raise SP-4232 is super compact, quick and easy to adjust to your leg length and can be loaded heavily.

The comfortable seat moves with the built-in motion arm to keep the user aligned. The non-slip footrests keep your feet firmly in place during exercise. With the user's feet on the footrests, the calf muscles are contracted and stretched in one complete movement. The machine has adjustable thigh pads that fit all users comfortably.

With its aesthetic design, this machine fits perfectly into any gym. Comfortable and safe to use, it is part of a complete series of benches and racks designed for today's strength training.
The Spirit Fitness Free weights range offers fitness owners a wide choice to incorporate more quality into their gym. Premium touch points throughout enhance the experience for each of the members. And the aesthetic design of Spirit's equipment makes your gym more accessible.

Our benches and racks are designed to set up the user correctly and provide optimum comfort when performing the exercise. Comfortable, ergonomic seat pads support the position of each user and ensure a safe training experience.

The Spirit Fitness Free weights SP-4232 is without doubt an added value to any gym and integrates seamlessly with the other products in this series.
- Seated position
- Built-in motion arm
- Adjustable thigh pads
- Anti-slip footrests
- Solid steel frame
- Professional use 
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